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Treat Dry Eye at Today's Vision Bulverde in San Antonio, TX

Have you noticed a dry, uncomfortable, itchy feeling in your eyes lately? You’re certainly not alone. Roughly 48 percent of Americans report experiencing dry eye at some point in their lives. Today’s Vision Bulverde, your San Antonio optometrist, offers expert advice and treatment to deal with this frustrating and inconvenient problem. Call us for an eye exam to go over your eye health, questions, and treatment options.


What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye occurs when the eyes fail to produce enough lubrication to keep them moist. It can also happen if the tear components are not of good quality. The tears your eyes make protect the eyes from infections and foreign objects from entering them. If there is a problem with how the tears are made or if they evaporate too soon, it can affect your eye health and lead to discomfort and vision problems. Dry eye can even cause the following symptoms: itchy eyes, eye fatigue, intolerance to bright light, a sensation of grit in the eye, watery eyes, and even blurred vision. 

Causes of Dry Eye

Living in a dry area, certain eye surgeries, constant use of contact lenses, or fluctuating hormones as you age could trigger dry eyes. Some conditions like diabetes, lupus, or arthritis reduce tear production, leaving you susceptible to have dry eye. Workplace and lifestyle circumstances can affect the eye’s moisture, such as focusing on a computer or other digital device screens for most of the day. Older people can experience a drop in tear production, and recent research suggests women suffer from dry eye more frequently than men because of hormonal changes. Even nutrition can play a part if you do not ingest sufficient amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A to promote tear production from your eyes.

Dry Eye Treatment  

Don’t compromise your eye health, and leave dry eyes untreated. A thorough eye exam by an experienced optometrist can determine the underlying cause of your dry eye. Depending on what caused your condition, we may suggest medication to promote tear production. If your dry eye is severe, it might be necessary to have a surgical procedure to help reduce tear loss. Our San Antonio optometrist is happy to talk to you about your treatment options.

Call Today’s Vision Bulverde For an Eye Exam in San Antonio TX!

Here at Today’s Vision Bulverde, our San Antonio optometrist wants you to have healthy eyes and vision throughout your life. With our modern technology, we can figure out the root cause of your symptoms so that we can free you of dry, irritating eyes. Call our practice at 210-307-4749 to make an eye exam appointment.


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