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Today's Vision Bulverde Reviews

We take pride in making sure our patients are fully satisfied with the services we provide. Below are a few of our testimonials from our patients.

“Todays Vision AKA SWIFT EYECARE is a great practice from the front office staff to the doctors in the back. They are thorough they leave no stone unturned they were able to diagnose that I had a hole in my retina and refer me to a retina specialist same day I had a successful surgery and they corrected my vision by contacts. I would highly recommend this practice you won't be disappointed. I went to one of those eye vision places previous year and no one was able to correct my vision and didn't even kept saying they would get me another pair of contacts to try this try that and never followed through I went a whole year without a new contact lens prescription. So I said goodbye to Mall eye care and I'm back to Today's Vision I'm so happy my company has an insurance that they carry. Would highly recommend it!”

Antonia W.

“ Dr. Swift is very efficient at her profession. I feel like my care is well taken care of. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The office is a clean and welcoming place. I’ve been very pleased with my care!”

Sharon B.

“ ​The staff is always very friendly. I like how sanitary everything is. It makes me feel better about being there. The doctor is very nice and attentive. They were patient with me when I was trying to put contacts in. Overall very happy with my experience with them.”​​​​​​​

Amber I.

“ ​We had to find a new eye doctor this year and could not be more pleased with Dr. Swift's care. She and her staff were attentive, taking the time to explain things clearly, and very helpful in regards to answering any and all questions. We'll definitely continue to receive our eye care from this Dr. Swift's office.”​​​​​​​

Michelle H.

“Thank you to everyone. Especially Dr, Haley Swift you are very easy to work with and you make me feel at ease during my eye test. Thank all of you for your assistance and understanding. I must have tried on four or five different frames before I could finally choose a pair I liked.”​​​​​​​

Robert R.

“ ​Your staff needs to work on addressing older people. I was greeted as a Miss rather than Ms or using my first name. It came across as ageist and somewhat condescending. When corrected there was no apology. I was also surprised that I needed a second visit to see how the contacts are doing. Rather than take my word for it. This should have been explained at the onset along with a charge for the lenses. I recently transferred from a long-term provider who did not routinely schedule a second visit and charge for the lenses.”​​​​​​​

Louise O.

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