Over time, your vision may turn cloudy from cataracts. To reduce the chances of vision loss, visit your San Antonio optometrist at Today's Vision Bulverde for regular exams. By tracking your vision and eye health over time, your optometrist can determine if you need corrective measures for your cataracts.


What Are Cataracts?

Cataracts are a clouding of the lenses on your eyes caused by protein in the lenses breaking down, often through the natural aging process. While age is a factor, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays, diabetes, using corticosteroids, and injuries also increase your risk for developing cataracts.

Regardless of your age, take steps now to protect your eyes by wearing UV-filtering sunglasses outside and taking care of chronic conditions. Talk to your doctor if you take corticosteroids and discuss any concerns you may have about cataracts. Never stop taking medication unless directed by your doctor.

Signs and Diagnosis of Cataracts

You will likely have a clouding of your lenses before you notice vision problems. Because an optometrist can spot these early signs of cataracts, you need regular eye exams to know if you have them. The earlier that you take action to slow the development of this condition, the less likely you are to experience severe vision problems.

Signs of cataracts include difficulty seeing well after dark, blurry vision, double vision, or the appearance of faded colors.

To diagnose this condition, your optometrist will conduct several tests, most of which are part of a comprehensive eye exam. These tests may include:

  • A slit lamp exam to look at the front of the eye
  • Dilated eye exam to examine the back of the eye
  • Visual acuity test to determine if you have trouble seeing close up or far away

Treatment Options

Unfortunately, eye doctors have not discovered a cure to reverse cataracts. If your optometrist diagnoses you with this condition, you can take steps to slow down its progression. For cases of mild cataracts, your optometrist may recommend corrective lenses that help you to see more clearly and have UV-filtering capabilities to protect your eyes from further damage.

Over time, some people still have worsening clouding of their eyes, even with good eye protection. If cataracts worsen, you may need surgery to replace the cloudy lenses with an artificial one.

Visit Your San Antonio Optometrist Today for a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Protecting your vision can prevent cataracts from getting worse. If you need surgery, you will also need an optometrist to help you with pre and post-operation evaluations. Contact our office at Today's Vision Bulverde at (210) 307-4749 to schedule a visit with our optometrist to see if you have cataracts and learn about treatment options. 


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