Candidates for Ortho-k Treatment for Myopia

Candidates for Ortho-k Treatment for Myopia

Candidates for Ortho-k Treatment for Myopia

Ortho-k is a medical revolution that helps treat refractive eye issues like myopia. The treatment involves using unique contact lenses overnight while you sleep. To receive the benefits of ortho-k, you must wear the contacts every night. It works by reshaping your cornea to enable you to see when you remove them during the day. The effects of the treatment are temporary, so you must wear the lenses consistently every night.

Before you can wear ortho-k lenses, the doctor needs to assess your candidacy. The ideal candidate for this treatment usually meets the following criteria.



Ortho-k is ideal for kids between the ages of eight to 12 showing progressive myopia. The doctor may recommend the same for children with a family history of a high level of the condition. Starting this treatment helps control myopic progression before it causes more damage.

It reduces the risk of glaucoma or retinal detachment resulting from high myopia. Ortho-k is best for children due to its noninvasive nature and low-risk levels.



Adults with low myopia can benefit immensely from ortho-k. It makes the conditions unsuitable for the development of axial span in your eyes. Restricting this issue is beneficial to you by slowing the progression of myopia.


Harsh Working Environment

Working in a dirty or dusty environment can ruin prescription glasses or contacts. If your work involves squeezing into tight unsanitary spaces, ortho-k is right for you. It allows you to see and do your tasks in such conditions. Some demanding and risky jobs, like the military, make wearing glasses in the field hazardous. If you are in a similar line of work, you may benefit from ortho-k therapy.


People in Sports

People who engage in sporting activities qualify for ortho-k when dealing with myopia. They allow you to go about sports without worrying about breaking or losing your lenses. Because you only wear the contacts at night, you will have perfect vision in the daytime in your sporting arena. Ortho-k is ideal for those who participate in water and heavy-contact sports.


People Unsuitable for LASIK

Ortho-k gives you freedom from day contact lenses and prescription spectacles. It is also ideal for people who cannot undergo laser eye surgery for various reasons. The procedure is reversible and has no side effects that can compromise your sight.

When your eyesight begins to suffer in your mid-forties, your doctor can modify ortho-k to correct the issue. The solution helps you see at all distances without the need for glasses. For laser surgery, you may have to wear prescription spectacles once your vision declines as you age.

If you have myopia, ortho-k can offer you a reprieve while you weigh your options, including refractive surgery.


Treatment Benefits

Vision improvement is significant, beginning from the first night you sleep with the ortho-k lenses. Later, slighter, less noticeable changes occur as you continue wearing the lenses following your doctor's instructions. During treatment, you may need to revise your lenses approximately three times. These changes happen within around two weeks after starting ortho-k therapy.

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