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Contact lenses are truly remarkable devices. These tiny corrective lenses can provide pinpoint-accurate vision correction without anyone even knowing that you have a refractive error that needs correcting. they're also a smart choice for athletes and people with high-impact occupations. But to get the full benefits of contacts, you need to make sure yours are perfectly selected and fitted for your individual eyes. Here at Today's Vision Bulverde in San Antonio, we can help you have the best possible contact lens experience.

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The Contact Lens Exam: Not Your Standard Eye Test

Of course we have to perform a comprehensive eye exam and vision test to determine your corrective lens prescription -- but that exam is not the contact lens exam. The contact lens exam which follows these tests is a separate procedure, and the first stage in the contact lens fitting process. During your contact lens exam, our San Antonio optometrist, Dr. Swift, will study the front surfaces of your eyes carefully with a slit lamp to check for any abnormalities at the front of the eye. Your pupils and irises will be measured so we know what size of contact to order. Techniques such as corneal mapping and keratometry will provide detailed data on your corneal curvature.

The contact lens exam is also a kind of interview -- a period in which we discuss how you intend to wear your contacts (several days in a row versus only in the daytime, etc.) and whether you have any specific health issues that affect the kinds of contacts you can wear (including dry eye, giant papillary conjunctivitis, or ketatoconus, to name a few). Your refractive prescription may also require specific types of contact lenses. If you have keratoconus, for example, scleral lenses may be the best choice to compensate for your abnormal corneal shape. Strong prescriptions or conditions such as astigmatism may benefit from RGP (rigid gas permeable) lenses that maintain a constant curvature of their own.

What to Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting

Once we understand your contact lens needs, fitting proceeds with a pair of trial lenses. Additional slit lamp testing and vision testing helps us see whether these lenses are really right for you. We will write your official contact lens prescription and have the real lenses fabricated. Don’t be discouraged if additional fittings are necessary; it's all part of making sure that you end up happy.

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