Contact Lens Exams

What You Need To Know About Contact Lens Exams

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when it comes to getting contacts. If you are like most people, you are probably not familiar with the process you need to go through to make sure your transition into contacts is safe and successful. Here at Today’s Vision Bulverde in San Antonio, we prepare our patients for contact wear with our specialized contact lens exams. Here is what you need to know about what happens during a contact lens exam.

What You Need To Know About Contact Lens Exams

The Difference Between The Two Exams

It is important to note that contact lens exams differ from comprehensive eye exams. Most people are under the impression that a recent comprehensive eye exam is all they need to satisfy the necessary requirements to obtain contact lenses. There are major differences in terms of what a comprehensive eye exam and a contact lens fitting exam are designed to do. Comprehensive eye exams are designed to evaluate your eyes and to detect underlying eye diseases. A contact lens fitting exam is designed to make sure your contacts fit correctly.

The All Important Contact Lens Exam

The most important aspect of a contact lens exam is making sure that the contact lenses are fitted to the eyes correctly. Contact lenses that are ill-fitting not only interfere with your ability to see well, but they can cause pain and physically damage your eyes. Here in our facility, our doctor examines your eyes and reviews your personal medical history to make sure you are a good candidate for contacts. This is important because there are a number of medical conditions that can interfere with your ability to wear contact lenses. Once our doctor makes the determination that it is safe for you to wear contacts, they begin the process of selecting the lenses they think will work in your particular situation based on your personal medical history and the results of his examination.

Once our doctor selects the contacts they believe are best suited for your eyes, they will begin the process of fitting them to your eye. Our doctor’s two main concerns are making sure that you can see properly, and that you are not having any discomfort once the contacts are placed on your eyes. If the fit is as it should be, and the lenses are not causing you any discomfort, the doctor will make the determination that they found the right contacts for you, if that is not the case, our doctor will complete the lens fitting process as many times as necessary in order to get the right fit.

Following Up

Here at Today’s Vision Bulverde in San Antonio, our goal is to make sure our patients leave our office happy an in a pair of properly fitted contacts. Our entire team is dedicated to helping people maintain their vision. If you are looking to transition to contact lenses, give our office a call to schedule your contact lens fitting exam today at (210) 307-4749.

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