Computer Vision Treatment

If you spend a lot of hours in front of a computer, you may have computer vision. Several symptoms can be caused by this syndrome, and there are also several ways to treat the condition. If you need eye care for computers vision, contact our San Antonio optometry center to make your appointment for a full eye exam. At Today’s Vision Bulverde, we have been treating computer vision syndrome for many years.

Computers Vision

Causes of Computer Vision

If the computer screen that you look at has a glare, or there isn't enough light to see it well, computer vision syndrome can occur. If you have poor posture while you're looking at the screen, this can also be a cause. Uncorrected vision problems can also lead to computer vision. Anything that makes your eyes work harder to be able to see the screen well can be a cause of this syndrome. If you are too far from the screen or the screen is at an angle that makes it harder to see, these can also be causes. 

Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

One of the biggest symptoms of this condition is eye strain and tired eyes. You may also suffer from dry eyes and have blurry vision. Other symptoms can include shoulder pain as well as headaches and neck pain. When you are at a computer for many hours of the day, it requires a lot of eye motions, and this can lead to eye strain. This can make the eyes feel tired and sore after a while.

Treatment Options

Several actions can be taken to combat this syndrome. One way to help is to take a 15-minute break to simply rest your eyes after every two hours of computer use. You can also look at something that is 20 feet away every 20 minutes for 20 seconds, called the 20/20/20 rule. You can also change your posture to sit straighter at the computer and adjust your lighting so that it does not cast a glare over the screen. Our optometrist will assess your condition to determine the treatment options that will benefit you the most.

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