Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Glasses 

The modern world is filled with electronic devices. The light that emanates from digital screens is known as blue light. In recent years, blue light glasses have emerged to help people deal with the effects of this light. They are effective in reducing eye fatigue and promoting better sleep after long hours spent looking at digital screens.

At Today's Vision Bulverde, our optometrist in San Antonio has years of experience helping people reduce digital eye strain with blue light blocking glasses. We also offer pediatric optometry services. Our eye doctor will analyze your eye health and help you select the perfect pair of blue light glasses.


Importance of Blue Light Glasses

Many people who work with computers all day suffer from digital eye strain due to over-exposure to blue light. This light can impact your sleep quality and damage your vision over time. While a simple solution to digital eye strain is avoiding excessive screen time, this is not an option for everyone. The right eyewear will allow you to maintain your vision and provide relief from the troubling effects of blue light exposure.

Do I Need Blue Light Glasses?

While blue light glasses are not a necessity, they do come in handy if you are around a lot of blue light. They have been found to help people get better sleep and avoid eye damage due to excessive blue light exposure. If you continue to use a lot of devices or work with a computer, you may experience blurred vision or other effects over time. Speaking with our eye doctor will help you determine whether or not you would significantly benefit from wearing blue light glasses. They are available in prescription and non-prescription varieties.

Optometrist in San Antonio

At Contact Today's Vision Bulverde, we have been serving the community for years providing quality vision care services. Our blue light glasses come from trusted manufacturers. When you see our eye doctor, you can rest assured you are getting the best service possible. In addition to blue light glasses, we offer contact lenses, eye exams, and pre-and post-operative LASIK care. We also specialize in pediatric optometry. For more information on the benefits of blue light glasses or to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor, call us at (210) 307-4749.


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