How to Tell if Your Child Has Bad Vision

How to Tell if Your Child Has Bad Vision

Are you worried that your child may have bad vision? It's smart to be on the lookout. Many kids go years without getting the glasses or contacts they need. When a child’s visual problems go untreated, it can lead to headaches and problems in school. The outstanding staff at Today's Vision Bulverde, in San Antonio, is experienced when it comes to all children’s eye care needs.

Signs of Bad Vision in Kids

One of the easiest ways to figure out if your child is struggling with their vision is by talking to their teachers. If you think your child may be having trouble seeing, ask his or her teachers if they've noticed any indicators, such as your child asking to sit close to the front of the room or needing to copy notes from a friend because he or she can’t read from the board. 

At home, take note of your child's habits while they're studying. Does our child squint when reading? Does he or she need a higher than normal amount of light in order to see the text on the page? Both of these can be indicators of vision problems. 

Your child's leisure habits can help you get an understanding of how well your child sees as well. When watching something on a screen, does your child bring the screen especially close? Does your child’s coordination seem a little bit off when playing sports? Some parents have been blown away by how quickly a child's athletic performance improves with glasses or contacts. 

While there are many indicators of vision issues in children, the only way to tell for sure whether your children are struggling to see is by taking them to an eye care center for an eye exam. 

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